Top 6 Ways to get the most out of your 1st visit with Privato Salon

Changing salons, let alone stylists, can be one of the most stressful/fearful experiences a person can go through. So we have complied a brief list of how to get the most out of your first visit at Privato Salon.

** ps ** the following information is useful for any appointment at Privato

 1.    Schedule a consultation  

This will allow you and the artist to discuss your expectations and needs to obtain, as well as maintain, your new look. Once you and the artist have the same vision, then and only then, will the actual service appointment will be scheduled or take place.

2.    Bring Pictures

Know what you would like. The best way to communicate this is by bringing pictures of haircuts, styles and colors that you are attracted to. We will help you navigate through those trends to help select the best options for you. A picture really does speak a thousand words.

3.   Plan Ahead

Give us the time needed. In this crazy, busy world in which we live everything is just a click away. We love else can we find the pictures of the perfect cut and color at a moments notice. However, to achieve YOUR perfect haircut, color and style it can take time. Especially the very first appointment (generally speaking all following appointments are scheduled as maintenance which take less of a appointment time commitment). Don't worry, your artist will give you a time quote as well as a price quote. We believe your time is valuable.

4.    Wet Hair is a NO-NO

We ALWAYS blow dry your hair smooth with the intent to check the final balance. Remember our logo is "a passion for perfection" so there is no way to get around this one. However, if you would like to add curls just request a little extra time!

6.   Build A Relationship

This is your first date together. It may take up to three appointments until you have achieved your final goal. Don't worry, it's our responsibility to educate you on the entire process. So ask a lot of questions. We also love to work together at Privato Salon. So if you decide you want to get a second opinion just request one. We consider every individual  that walks into our salon as a client of Privato. We would LOVE for you to get to know ALL of us!




And so it begins....

One of the reasons we decided to launch "A Strong Fringe....." is to share who Privato Salon is and give back to the community all the knowledge we have to share in the pursuit of empowering our clients.

Each month we will announce upcoming events, new product launches, our style file and best practices for you to achieve a flawless look.  

Thank You for allowing us to share our "passion for perfection"!